Thank you Viceroy Khalilzad!

God save the American empire for delivering such a wonderful gift as the new and highly competent Iraqi government. I mean, I'm breathless at the effective transition in the last 5 months, from the concrete accomplishments of election to formation of our new democracy.

I'm sure now that we've got a taste of democracy in the last few years, we'll quickly see an end to everything bad happening in Iraq. Of course, we couldn't say how long this would be...but looking at how fast our newly elected lists formed the government (a mere 5 months!!!) I believe within another 12 years or so, we'll have functioning institutions and concerts in the park. I can't wait. But I know I'll have to...

It won't be long!

And I know I have you, Viceroy Khalilzad, to thank for this :D

God bless Iraq being included in the neo-imperialist (and neo-liberal) project I'd like to call Pax Americana. You can plunder our oil fields, but you'll never take away the intoxicating feeling of freedom via elections. Screw running water, give me a ballot.

Ballots for the pawns of empire! Ballots for the pawns of empire!
Yipeeee yeaaaaaa! yipeeeee yoooooooo!

And I'd like to add one more thing. Because I know I have this platform to express important ideas and discuss pressing issues. And I must use it responsibly. So...Please world, pay attention to what is happening in Africa. Air drop some ballots of love on Darfur! Stop the madness! I can't stand those poor people dying there any longer. A travesty, I tell ya.

Good night and happiness to all...