A myriad of myopic bits of crap

Q: What do Mother Teresa and Bernardo Provenzano have in common?

Take a deep breath. And count to ten.

Time to go Joe: Joe Leiberman's a mole.
Russ Feingold points out that Democrats don't have balls. And we all already knew Barbara Boxer has more balls than all other democrats on the hill combined.
Hillary is one sketchy biatch for bunking with Rupert Murdoch.
Fundamentalism 101: Fundamentalists don't speak to other fundamentalists.
David Blaine is a dickhead.
Fatal Irony: The Dead Sea is dying. I'm glad I visited it this past winter.
The most consistent thing in life with death: Iraq. Sadly, yes.
And it seems Lebanon ain't never gonna change. What a bunch of tools.

A: They both have black and white pictures of when they were young on the internet.