Divide and Conquer...

...is one of the oldest tactics in the book!

I suggest Iraq is already split up and will get much worse as time passes, unless something concrete and effective is done immediately. And was making Iraq split what was meant by the "Mission Accomplished" speech 3 years ago? Was a chaotic Iraq a mission objective? If so, it's a success based on creating ethnic tensions, which leads Iraq further down the current path of destruction, which creates a climate allowing for theives and terrorists both professional and not to run amok in Iraq doing whatever they like at will...while conveniently and so coincidentally undercutting this possible natural enemy of Israel by causing more instability??? I'm sorry. How is this success? As far as I'm concerned, the entire project of invasion and occupation is just fanning the flames and creating more problems for both America and Israel later down the road...and new problems now! I'm getting off-subject but...

But if you split it up correctly, Iraq's integrity as a nation might be saved. Starting on that basis, Professor Cole recently offered some possible solutions on his blog that I found interesting. More on the debate by the following people: Senators Biden & Gelb (still uninformed about Kirkuk) and Anthony Cordesman (whom I agree with...I am also against Iraq splitting up, for the record.)

I implore US officials to look into the most level-headed of the recommendations offered by such accomplished persons above. That is, unless you would enjoy Iraq turning into another Iran...which you so ironically created too!!!

I look at the situation now...and I just laugh with dread at knowing what really happened...and what's happening now. So painfully similar to, say, Lebanese sectarianism...and never before has the cliche , history repeats itself , been made so fresh with so much blood since,,,well, since Darfur last week...Congo last year....and Rwanda in the mid 90s.
Face it...so disgusting, huh?
Humanity is cruel.
Enjoy yourself.