Steering away from one's nature is a most difficult thing to do.


I'm going to try my best to steer a bit clear from politics in the coming days and weeks because I notice how it just gives me a big headache. I'm far too concerned about things out of my control and I wish to just live my life with a modicum of peace. I know this is the recipe for apathy that many governments implement in order to muzzle their populations from complaining about real problems that may have real solutions if only people organized and spoke-out against things such as injustice and inequality. As you see... my problem is I'm really political by nature...can't help myself. In a way, this blog serves as a manner by which I release all the political coodies I catch while going about my day. Instead I wanna catch some culture coodies and spread em around to ya. Anyway, I'll try my best to turn my attention to things more pleasant while in Lebanon. Because I know I'll only get into trouble if I really speak my mind.