The Irony: Bushies wanted Hamas to win

Here comes the big irony...

It doesn't help Bush and his agenda in the ME for a moderate anything to exist. Because that would mean he'd have to do what our founding-fathers did so well...COMPROMISE. So, I along with many others believe that Bush is in cahoots with extremists stretching all along region. Many in Leb. believe this, too, as I've had this conversation with several already. And these are the Christians that Georgey claims to represent in his religio-pulpit at the WH. You cannot fool most Lebanese. They're extremely agile political beings(at least the ones i know)...the complete opposite of the average apathetic SUV-driving American.

So the Bushites wanted Middle Eastern democracy and coupled with his illegal war in Iraq which radicalized populations across the board, they sure-well got it fanatic-style. What they themselves know best... I don't want this to sound like an "I told you so", but it's the frickin truth. We saw this coming miles and miles away. The morons with power in Washington have successfully fucked up the world. Because their designs will never ever work. And I'm sure in the next year or two we'll begin to see exactly why.