Back 2 Lebanon

I got here and didn't realize how bent out of shape I was. It's true, I hadn't been sleeping well for months and I was emaciated from the lack thereof good zaytoon and leban among other delectables of the Lebanese variety. Oh, it's been too long...

My body was broken by the time I arrived a week ago. One of my little cousins was a little under the weather, so I caught a bit of it. But after being fed and getting some real rest, today I've completely recovered and I'm ready for some Lebanon...The weather has been a downer the past couple days here in Beirut, but I'm sure the mountains have lots of snow. I can't wait to go skiing!!!

Sorry I was gone so long. I'm going to be blogging heavily in the next few weeks. So check back in often.

Now, some general commentary as I have been gone since all what happened during the past year. I sincerely thought things would get better here...people would become more united and so on. But now that I've taken in things a bit, it just looks to me as if things are more divided and becoming more divided than ever. All the political dinosaurs/warlords are still welding power in Lebanon...no new faces (really) to date. Why are Lebanon's youth so complacent? Are traditions spoiling the political ambitions of our generation? Should we remain on the yoke of the archaic?

I say no. Lets get together and figure out how to make a principled-stand instead of continuing the zombie-walk to oblivion that is occuring in so many other neighboring nations.

Peace out my brothers and sisters...it's great to be back!