Saddam Mubarak wins more dictatorship for Egypt

By making sure the polling stations are geared toward making sure votes would be cast for him instead of his challenger, Saddam Mubarak has assured he would win by an unusually weak margin of 88%. This would secure his dictatorship over the Egyptian people for many more years to come.

...polling stations in Cairo visited by Western reporters yesterday were evidently geared towards ensuring voters cast ballots only for President Mubarak rather than Ayman Nour, the liberal lawyer who is the leading opposition candidate.

While supporting dictators has become less popular in the twisted muckery of global politics, Saddam Mubarak has defied the odds of survival and continues to collect bribery from the American government in order to serve at their behest in the name of all those fancy democratic standards this same government purports to stand for.

This Jedi-mind-trick of a dictatorship has baffled the Islamists in Egypt, stifling their rise to power. Ironically enough, these people that claim to be stifling the power of Islamists are also making them stronger, while the moderate Egyptian voices slowly get drowned in the feces of an oppressive regime.