When The President Talks To God

A must see. (Quicktime required) Bright Eyes sings a song on the Jay Leno show. It seems like he prepared it specially for a national TV audience. I must say, it moved me. Please watch it to hear the frustration with dubya which envelopes American society.

Oh, then there's this. So, there's not going to be a "drawdown" of troops at the end of this year? And there's going to be a reversal of the Iraqi government's wish to put an end to mosque raids? Hm...who's in control here? It seems as though the occupying forces are barely holding on to control for the fledgling government. And what is the fledgling government doing? Mainly stealing from Iraq and raising sectarian tension while not helping improve security one damn bit.

Can you tell that I'm angry? Well, Bright Eyes does a good job of summarizing my anger. And while I may not be able to express myself too well at the moment, I can defer you to those that do.