Saddam Mubarak issues his agents to beat women on eve of election reform vote

The mother of all updates: Wear black on 1 June. Support Egyptian women. AA lets us know more about it. And previously on Abu Aardvark...more on anti-democratic Egyptian tactics.

In an indication of further democratic reforms in the dictatorship of Egypt, Saddam Mubarak hired people to beat the living shit out of opposition members on the eve of a vote on election reform. And it's important to point out these supposed reforms are nothing more than a smokescreen that will serve as pretending real reform was actually taking place...as a sort of proxy-alibi for Bush's support. Together they form a dynamic duo denying reality. Bush and Co. says to Saddam Mubarak, "If you look like you're reforming, we'll say you are and then continue propping you up with billions of dollars."

Meanwhile, Saddam Mubarak says, "what better way to show you're reforming than to beat some women and tear their clothes off."

Women protesters in particular seemed to be targeted for beatings by both plainclothes state security agents and pro-Mubarak supporters, according to a report on Associated Press.

One woman was seen being punched and having her clothes torn off by Mubarak loyalists in Cairo, AP reported.

Here's Alaa's first-hand account of the terrifying incident. Saddam Mubarak pulled no punches on members of the opposition. In fact, he threw them in droves with the police standing idle and watching it all happen. Abu Aardvark sheds more light on the targeting of women in these attacks by the NDP. This is infuriating me. This is American tax payer money at use.

If you're waiting for democracy in Egypt. Please don't hold your breath. These beatings of protestors and arrests of opposition members are common in dictatorships. But at least Saddam Mubarak has a peace treaty with Israel. And for all those beatings and arrests, dawg'onit he's our sonofabitch dictator...and he's worth every penny of the billions American taxpayers pay to prop up his unlawful and undemocratic regime each and every year for the past couple of decades.

Americans like their dictators marinated in the blood of their people. See Uzbekistan and the Egyptian examples. Putting window-dressing on it all and trying to pass off weak criticisms like those given by the Bush administration as affecting actual reality on the ground only insults the intelligence of the victimized. The fact that Laura Bush was praising Saddam Mubarak for his supposed step toward reform borders the absurd. Oh, and don't forget the countless other dictators and ruthless autocrats the US has supported. Even OG Saddam was America's sonofabitch all buddy buddy while being lubricated by WMD courtesy of his man Rummy back in the day. Shall we have an American Dictator Count? A little "our sonofabitches" refresher perhaps?

Maybe the cob-webs can be cleared away with such introspection.

Updating the updates : Alaa has mentioned in comments below that the server was on over-load and Egyptian authorities never did block the site. That's good news, I think.

Update: The first-hand account has been blocked by America's darling dictator, Saddam Mubarak . Let's see if the words will come back or not. Oh, and Billmon nails it as usual.

Update II: Alaa's first-hand account is there again...with photos. Let freedom reign. /sarcasm