This current violence in Iraq is too much: PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS

I am sitting here in a state of bewilderment. I don't know who to believe, but I know what my gut tells me. How will this get any better in the short term? and the long term? What the hell is going on? When you cannot protect police stations, you've got a serious problem. I am tempted to burst into a rage describing the injustices of this war and how it led to this and other madness of sexual abuse and torture. The terrorism was indeed brought into focus in Iraq because of the war and the consequences of having absolutely no plan whatsoever. The terrorism is in the prisons and in Fallujah, too. Who is inciting it? Well, this is far more complicated than meets the eye. I am a firm believer of confronting the ills that have occurred as soon as possible. We cannot let the prison abuse fall into the cracks of history. That is why somebody high on the food chain must be accountable. It would help the situation on the ground as far as Iraqis go, I'm sure. This war was a huge mistake in such terms of failure to recognise what would be effective at curbing violence. And it's only created more rage in the region and elsewhere that will lead to more madness far down the line.

But now, we also have another certain set of problems...and if we keep our eye off the ball, more innocent people will die in the short term. So, how do we solve the problems that are squarely in front of us now...namely, security. Without it, it's obvious nothing will get done. I honestly have no idea. It is so far off the charts as something that might possibly be handled that I shudder to think. I am extremely disturbed like Zeyad here. I am enraged like Raed, some days. And I am on point with almost everything that River utters. Of course, we haven't heard from Salam lately, but he's pretty damn apt all the time. I hope his projects are going well. And Juan Cole is frighteningly knowledgeable and inspirational to me. I need to write you because my father is a fellow Alumni. The newest addition to the blogosphere that has me captivated is Abbas Kadhim. Thank you once again Abbas. Just wonderful...and each day, what an absolute treat. I plan to start continuing to connect the dots as I was before. It has just been difficult to do while trying to get on with things. There's so much I've missed commenting on and creating because I couldn't. I hate not being concise and missing the important things.

And now, it is absolutely critical that voices be heard on the matter. On a personal note, my family fears speaking on the phone about the most difficult of matters because they are scared as before, under Saddam. This speaks volumes. I hope more Iraqis will learn how to blog if they don't know how and put their thoughts and feelings not just for others to read and for the record; I'm convinced blogging is therapeutic. We need more security and therapy.

But such little and, really, negative progress has been made for security and so we have this terrible situation where nothing gets done and the future is unknown and lacks excitement in a positive manner. We all feel a weight that makes us depressed and indignant. Our collective psychology has been terribly damaged by recent revelations of all the prison abuse and an avalanche of lies cascading upon lies. I urge everybody to keep their chin up and posture straight in this next phase of occupation. Because most of us know it will still be one even after the symbolic handover. We must work as hard as possible to make sure elections happen as soon as possible and that the troops leave immediately (though I don't think this will happen by the sheer kindness of the current Administration). According to Raed, there are 6 permanent bases being built. I thought I read that there were 13 being built, so that is good...only 6. But seriously, these bases need a sunset clause...or else this is enough reason for such a low grade war as we are witnessing recently to continue on a steady and mystifying rate. When something like yesterday happens, time stands still for me as I negotiate what suddenly seem to be petty decisions and melodramas that are taking place in my life.

I have no conclusions. I have few suggestions besides the above that the troops need to leave immediately and that more control needs to be given to Iraqis that have lived inside Iraq during all these years. Exiles, generally speaking, offer something good to the country...but when they have ties to the CIA or any institution like that, what kind of message does that send to the population at large. I am thinking all the time, but I am in disgusted awe of the situation only FOUR DAYS before the Neo Puppet Council has "full sovereignty". When Iraqis achieve this long awaited and deserved goal...well, that will be a day to celebrate.

Long Live Iraq! God Bless all Iraqis inside Iraq now...My thoughts are with you constantly.