"men of peace" deferring justice

no to fascism 60 years ago and today! celebrating the liberation of europe from nazism is extremely important. but walking down a similar path of wanton destruction in a different suit is not acceptable. so, stop the torture and sexual abuse of prisoners in iraq (and in the u.s.--on a lesser scale--) right now and respect the geneva convention (and the bill of rights) not only when it is convenient. respect iraqi culture and common sense by firing or letting rumsfeld & ashcroft (O)and their underlings go. yes, overhaul time...we need to overhaul and restore democracy in america. respect americans by doing this and returning the liberties that have been taken away by such racist legislation like the patriot act. don't wait until later or when politically convenient. tenet shouldn't be the only scapegoat. and chalabi...please don't make me sick. -lim.