President who?

President Pachachi...kind of has a ring to it. Like a pop song title. My new favorite album happens to be Trans Am - "Liberation". Check it out. (thanks SA.!!!) Trans Am needs to make a post-album single called "President Pachachi" and "See I.A." (See Iyad Allawi)!!!

Confusion reigns...so, let me get this straight. Bremer and CPA authorities practically threaten to veto the American appointed GC choice, Ghazi Yawer, in favor of Adnan Pachachi. Who now, in my eyes...and in the eyes of many Iraqis, has lost any credibility for him tail-wagging behind the CPA's guise...or simply is unknown to a large portion of the population. And now, America has affectively bypassed the UN once more. Brahimi is clearly Bremer's puppet now. He has no power whatsoever. The interim government is sure to be illegitimate now. Allawi and Pachachi...who's next, Chalabi as VP? ...even after stealing American taxpayers money, 33-100 million (depending who you ask) since 1991 and being tried, convicted, and sentenced in absentia to 22 years in prison IN Jordan of all places because of the Petra Bank embezzlement affair. The same person that a certain "Rumsfeld protege" said, "Ahmed Chalabi is like the prophet Muhammad. At first, people doubted him but they came to realize the wisdom of his ways" (according to the Christian Science Monitor) We enter the absurd yet again. And all in all, none of this confusion surprises me.

Al-Yawer dared to criticize the US for being 100% responsible for the lack of security in Iraq now. The message: if you don't like what the US does, you are not legitimate. The opposite will come true as with most occupations throughout history. WOW...incredible. This "handover" on 30 June is truly going to become a silly affair. Empire reigns over Iraq with 130,000 troops and a bunch of stooge-collaborators. I actually thought collaboration could be made clean again at one point...now, I know this is an impossibility. The CIA is happier with Allawi. It won't make things much safer unfortunately. And that is what their goal needs to be--to create security ...in Iraq. But perhaps they don't want a stable Iraq. Ever thought about that? Well, I have for far too long.

Be sure to check out our good friend with the wonderful new blog from--an iraqi intellectual at UC-Berkeley--Abbas Kadhim Calling it Like it Is!!! Thank you for stepping to the plate in such a clear and concise manner Abbas! U rock.

L to the L,
all up in your shit like hell smells...lets imagine what that is like.


and imagine what iraqis think abt such an illegitimate form of the coming "interim government". has sistani been neutralized? will elections ever be held? or will it also be impossible in 2005 because of lack of stability? is that what this administration wants? an alibi to continue the occupation? that's what it could possibly be shaping up to be.

wake up dude...don't let internationalism be sidelined!!! doublespeak and lies cannot tame iraq and iraqis. this thing is going to get way out of hand. it is so plain to see that now. Saddam Part II coming right up! ...in other words, iraqis will be eating from the same shit with a different smell.

there's still time to act for peace and stability. assure the census is created with integrity and that elections take place on time. only then will credibility be true...