let's see if this materialises...or how exactly it will materialise. & On Kirkuk.

A Guardian article telling something worthy of news to be spread which may be of substance, but perhaps it's too early to tell (knowing this US admin. and the unpredictable events unfolding on the ground in Iraq). Time will tell.

US set for Iraq election retreat
Patrick Wintour, Michael White and Ewen MacAskill
Wednesday January 21, 2004

On Kirkuk:

Getting to know the Kirkuk situation better lends oneself to a degree of enlightenment when it comes to understanding the issues standing before the power brokers seeking an archaic caucus system--similar to the chaos in Iowa yesterday (I have a special post to make about the IOWA v IRAQ caucus compare and contrast btw)-- (CPA, GC proxy selected governors, and Kurds) that attempts to project power obtrusively in order to reap the rewards of the highly coveted oil-rich provence. So I encourage everybody reading this to seek out more information about the situation in Kirkuk and its historical significance...even before Saddam, to understand the full picture. And decide by yourself what you believe is fair...formulate an opinion based on facts and opinions of people on the ground, not sound bites from clueless politicians and constant oversimplifications of arguably the most ethnically *diverse* (note:not divided) city in Iraq by each of those powerbrokers. What is the best policy for solving the Kirkuk issue, then? Please email me if you have any insight in the matter. And I'll try to get in touch with a friend of mine that's originally from Kirkuk but now an exile, to assess his opinion.

Here's an al-jazeera article on Kirkuk, in english, for starters...I'll try to make a log of Kirkuk articles as time allows me to do so.

Meanwhile, go windfarms go!


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