Iraq Documentary, "Uncovered: the whole truth about the Iraq war"

MoveOn's flash map showing where screenings of the film have taken, or will take place.

Uncovered's website

Original article in The Independent about the documentary and its initial impact: Case for War Confected, by Andrew Gumbel

UPDATE: 10 Feb. 2004--I was encouraged to read this on a bbs on iraqi blogs.

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Reply Documentary Maker says copy his film questioning Iraq war
A couple days ago a went to see filmmaker Robert Greenwald discuss his documentary "Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War" about the lies of the Iraq war in Santa Monica, California. In the movie, he interviews various insiders from the CIA and State Department who express doubts about the reasons Bush and Powell gave for invading Iraq. The Democratic presidential campaigns have been showing this movie at some of their events. Greenwald said that he is allowing his movie to be copied for free by the general public so feel free to buy a copy and then make you own copies. You can buy and learn more about the movie at www.truthuncovered.com
This website sells DVD's and VHS tapes online and by mail. $14.95 per DVD. According to a post on a Howard Dean website, you can "order quantity and get a price break... I ordered 18 DVD's to give as gifts. It normally sells for $17.50 and the quantity price given to me was $11.00. Send your check to: Carolina Productions, Box 988, Culver City, CA 90232 attn: Devin Smith.">>

I had emailed them a couple months back pleading with them to release some of the stuff directly from their website, but this is cool. COPY THOSE DVDS, hand them out !!! Give em' to your brother-in-law! Let the truth be uncovered through the video recorded interviews of those in the intelligence communities...not lies being constantly spun out of the admin. by a sophisticated neocon job. dont let them scapegoat the goats that carried the truth. :) btw, I love goats.


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