I will organise the blogs and links in a more coherent manner, soon...I'll have different "blog" sections! I just think Juan Cole has a lot to say and I consider him a solid source with insightful and up-to-date commentary. (But there are several blogs that make such qualifications.) His recent post about Kirkuk and what's happening there now is descriptively important. It's something I've been expecting for a long time, though. To divide Iraq along ethnic lines will be impossible (esp. in the North) and extremely bloody if made possible by force. And frankly, it would be ethnic cleansing. I don't enjoy mincing words.

The title of my personal blog is dedicated to Masslawi slang...people from Mosul tag on "bakazay" to almost anything to make more emphasis. It's almost like a re-affirmation of what was just said. "Shlonkom" is, of course, "How's everybody?" I'll explain the rest later. HUAAHHahahaha...



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