the slow growing rumble...

...can be heard in the background... even in good ol' knoxville, tennessee.

The slow growing rumble has many a sound...

The slow growing rumble can force you downtown
to be indicted and tried for the casus belli of war crime(s)

The slow growing rumble can make the shallow lies used to cover up the deep lies
run away in relevency like waning of high tide.

The slow growing rumble says its high time for the facade of deciet to crumble
beneath the twisting and reaping tendrils of popular justice's conundrum.

Once this same popular opinion was wishing the war upon the world because it's existence was threatened by its very own government...with nuclear weapons that didn't exist. Imagine a government threatening its own

The hollow confidence captured by that captivated audience marched the world to war too quickly when the democrats in congress backed the (vice) president's malfeasance.

But can the slow growing rumble make the deck of cards tumble?

If it does, I will be humbled to have taken part in...

the slow growing rumble.

(((i did this too quickly, but i wanna go ahead and put it up)))