Lord Goldsmith: You can't handle the truth!

Coming close to doing something possibly similar to what Saddam would have done...and did, most literally.

Bomb the media that doesn't say what you want to hear! Rub out the journalists that don't follow the script...

But lets not forget Tariq Ayoub being killed in Baghdad by a US air striike, which, btw, seems to be a precociously intentional act. So, in effect, it was done on a smaller scale. Taking out the headquarters of Al Jazeera in Qatar verges upon insanity in ways we haven't seen in the entire lifespan of the unfolding Iraqi tragedies.

And so it only begs the question to be answered truthfully; were the bombings of the Al Jazeera offices in Baghdad and Afghanistan deliberate?

Inquiring minds wanna know.

Britain has warned media organizations they are breaking the law if they publish details of a leaked document said to show U.S. President George W. Bush wanted to bomb Arabic television station Al Jazeera.

The government's top lawyer warned editors in a note after the Daily Mirror newspaper reported on Tuesday that a secret British government memo said British Prime Minister Tony Blair had talked Bush out of bombing the broadcaster in April last year.

And I can't help but ask the simplest of questions...

If the story has no merit, why would the Brittish government threaten newspapers with prosecution under the Official Secrets Act?

Or better yet...

Why is Blair (via Lord Goldsmith) saving Bush&Co's face after being shit upon so royally?

Too bad truth has no currency in the current conflict.