This is not a laughing matter or a witty palindrome: Where is Salam?

Many in the Iraqi Blogosphere are extremely concerned about Salam, his family, and their whereabouts and well-being. Email me to pass along well-wishes to his friends in the Iraqi Blogosphere and to others that know him. Frankly, I'm freaked out about what has happened. The consequences of this horrific day have yet to resonate across Iraq and the region. And so, I hope Salam and his kin are safe and in good health. Because many of us knew, River and I...and many many others, according to a post he wrote that he would be making the trip to Karbala with his family. So...email me. I will later post these emails on this blog and the Agora. We want to know where Salam & his family are and how they are doing as soon as possible. Expect a cross-post on the Agora.

Ma'ah salaam,