COP-OUT, please?

This is how the subtext to the headline today on CNN's website reads, "Rice explores peace in the Middle East":

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice explored opportunities for a fresh start in the stalled effort at a political compromise between Israel and the Palestinians.

At the start of a week-long trip to the region, she warned that an enduring peace cannot be stamped "made in America."

Of course, it's true...but it's the ultimate cop-out and just a way to stave of criticism for all the inaction by the American government regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the last 5 years and heavy bias towards the Sharonian ideal while Israel runs rampant radicalizing the Palestinian territories and Lebanon, much like the US government has radicalized Iraq.

But how convenient for the looney toons in the WH...because now they can have their excuse to have a war on Iran.

The world gone crazy...stoking the flames of extremism seems like one of the objectives of this administration.