On the "new Iraqi government" and the Viability of American Moral Authority

SaMe ShIt, DiFfErEnT sMeLl

..and so, they bring in a criminal to scare the shit out of Iraqis? The INA, a less scandal-ridden organization than the INC ?

and the US realizes that they "temporarily" need this solution to tame the situation in preparation for the election this coming november (and less importantly and symbolically hollow to the extreme...the "transfer of sovereignty to Iraqis on June 30"). I wonder if Dynacorp will guard Allawi like they guard Karzai.

I'm sorry, but there is no such thing as Iraq as a sovereign state when a private company guards the supposed leader. And that's precisely what is happening in Afghanistan.

Now, lets see the Iraqi version. Just to be clear and redundant for effect...if Allawi--a person that was an exile whom real Iraqis don't know, and that was chosen by the american appointed governing council-- is guarded by non-Iraqis, then it would logically be a clear indicator displaying there isn't an iota of sovereignty in Iraq. I'm not even touching on the fact that there will most probably be an enormous American military presence in Iraq (130,000+) for at least 5 years, but most probably much longer.

A democracy or an Iraqi tilt towards it in its most ideal form may be considered by many to be a worthy cause. But now that there have been no weapons found and no qaeda connection, the liberation theme is an especially convenient excuse (or political side-stepping) for the Bush Administration to continue to neo-con-job the world.

As long as there is no accountability at the highest levels for such debacles as the prison physical and sexual abuse, there will be no viability of american moral authority in Iraq and the region. Specifically, creating 20 scapegoat soldiers will not help Iraq tilt toward anything but another US string-pulled puppet dictatorship. And sadly, this has been the policy and the sort of thinking that led to the current nightmare scenario. Now these methods have just been amped up a bit. You reap what you sow...don't ya? And I'm sure terrorists couldn't have asked for more than this unjustifiable war and occupation to thicken their ranks. Is this the product of orwellian "doublespeak" or just direct lies to the people of the world and the constituents that can change the figure-head of state in the upcoming election? Will changing bush into kerry matter for iraq? Probably not that much...but it would assuredly be an improvement upon the sketched-out times we live in now.

psst, book i'm looking forward to...Slavoj Zizek's "Iraq the borrowed kettle" should be out SOON!!!